Self Defense Workshop

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Self Defense Workshop

Self Defense Workshop

Martial arts, Mixed martial arts, Karate

Hosted by Dorabjee’s Royale Heritage Mall

Women self defense seminar by Universal Power Martial Arts 10th March, 6 PM on UG Floor, Dorabjee’s Royale Heritage Mall in association with Kondhwa Police

Body.. Mind.. Spirit..

Universal Power Martial Arts is an academy for overall fitness and martial arts training.

Universal Power Martial Arts

An academy for overall fitness and martial arts training. Complete training means getting one’s Body, Mind & Spirit together. This is a unique combination of Strong & enduring Body, Sharp & Calm Mind, and an Indomitable Spirit that never gives up in any unfavourable situation in life. One can discover a better and stronger self within us.

A New Perspective

We always feel Blessed because we have a partner / an opponent who gives us an opportunity to correct ourselves. This Journey of self improvement is possible only because of a great teacher and great students who are always there for you as Family.

Gym Fit Vs Fighting Fit

Universal Power Martial Arts Academy gives you an exposure to an exciting world of combat training and raises your fitness goals to the ultimate level

Tae Kwan Do
A safer way of martial arts, which is played with all safety gear, hence recognized in the Olympic Games

Mixed Martial Arts
An extreme combat sport in which contestants are permitted to use the fighting techniques of wrestling and boxing but also those of martial arts such as kickboxing, judo, and karate.

Kick Boxing
The style better known as Thai-Boxing or Muay-Thai which comes from the south eastern Asia.

Ultimate Fitness Training
This training is equivalent to the army training. With this training, we ensure increase in physical stamina, flexibility, endurance, core stability, muscular development

Self Defence
Physical self-defense is the use of physical force to counter an immediate threat of violence.

Yoga and Meditation
This training helps in stabilizing and conditioning the minds of the students which helps in better focus and grasping capacity


Handphone: +91 90969 69079

For Queries call on: +91 84593 47725

Time: 10 March at 18:00–20:00

Address: Dorabjee’s Royale Heritage Mall, N.I.B.M Road,
Dorabjee’s Mall, Pune 411060, India, Pune, Maharashtra 411060

Tickets available at:

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