Four Fountains Spa Koregaon Park

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Four Fountains Spa Koregaon Park

Four Fountains Spa Koregaon Park

Get De-stressed at a Holistic Spa in Pune

At Four Fountains De-Stress Spa we offer healthy and holistic therapies to manage most common stress induced health issues.

Pune is known for its famous educational institutes and business centres. Surveys reveal that work-related stress cases have increased significantly in Pune in last couple of years. Work stress along with other unhealthy lifestyle factors such as smoking, consumption of junk food, inadequate sleep, etc. can have detrimental effects on physical as well as mental health. Maintaining a good health is absolutely necessary to manage the stressful work and social life in one of the emerging IT hubs of the country that offers a very busy and hectic lifestyle.

What makes Four Fountains Spa a Holistic Spa Center in Pune?

Most spas offer therapies for mental and physical relaxation to get over stress. Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Pune however offers holistic programmes that are a unique combination of therapeutic massages, diet changes and exercise regimens to reduce stress related problems. The programmes are aptly classified to target most common health problems caused by stress and include Pain-Relief, Better Sleep, Anxiety-Relief, Anti-Fatigue, Immunity Booster, De-tox, Age Reversal and Skin Whitening. The spa takes this holistic approach so that you can take a step towards changing your overall lifestyle and make it healthy to manage stress in your life.
4 things that prove Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is a Holistic center for body spa in Pune

  • The therapies offered have scientific basis
  • Every spa has a lifestyle coach or a spa doctor who measures your stress levels before recommending a therapy
  • You receive counselling for lifestyle changes
  • The spa doctor recommends appropriate diet changes and exercise regimens based on your stress levels

Koregaon Park
Address: 1st Floor, Power Point Opposite Murphies, Above Menchie’s, Pingale Chowk, Lane 6, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Handphone: +91 99870 04004

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