Meher Retreat

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Meher Retreat

Meher Retreat

Meher Retreat

Meher Retreat sprawling on a beautiful spot admeasuring over 27 acres is set to create another enchanting destination to add warmth to your joy to be the latest addition to your enjoyment…

Meher Retreat is an exotic destination just 42 km from Pune on Pune Solapur Highway which is approximately an hour’s drive. Meher Retreat is a rejuvenation point in the present tough routines to provide excellent relaxation surrounded by abundant water and glorious greenery.

It is a complete retreat with exclusive Maharashtrian Vegetarian Food like pithla –chuliwarchya Bhakri, Bharleli wangi, Matki Usal, Thecha, Taak, Mathatle dahi and lot more that you always wanted to taste.

Meher Retreat unveils the forgotten rural lifestyle with ultramodern facilities.

Meher Retreat follows the same lifestyle tradition of Meher – an established name for woollen garments and accessories in Pune.

Healthy Approach
Abundant oxygen
Soothing Green all around
Games to exhaust
Farm Fresh Organic Vegetables & Fruits
Food prepared from home grown ingredients
Self dairy products
Purified Water
Hygienic Care during food preparation

Hurray… the season of Hurda !
An irresistible temptation…

Hurda party is where you can eat Hurda (tender Jawar stalks roasted over the fire) served with spicy, delicious chutney of garlic & coconut and it is indeed a mouth watering preposition…

So why wait, Meher retreat is celebrating the Hurda Season and the Hurda is ready…you are invited to enjoy it in a naturally blessed locale of Meher Retreat

The Fun has begun… Don’t miss it!

Meher Retreat has become the latest Hotspot for the greatest weekends in the lap of nature.
With all the fun elements and a live stream within the premise it is time to soak in the stream and beat the heat.

Meher Retreat – just 42 km from Pune located at Khutbav near Yavat on Pune SolapurHighway is the most exotic destination to be in love with nature and spend a memorable day within the lush green environs, chirping birds and unlimited fun elements.
Sprawled over a green area of over 27 acres, Meher Retreat is truly exotic and the huge expanse of adjoining Mahtoba Lake adds to the beauty to give one-of-its-kind experience with all the elements of nostalgic rural life and best of Nature and you are invited to enjoy it in a naturally blessed locale of Meher Retreat.

About Corporate Team outings at Meher Retreat

Meher Retreat is a Refreshing Corporate Outbound destination offering the best corporate outing facilities.
Meher Retreat offers fun filled recreational corporate outings to focused corporate trainings.

Nearby places to visit

Yawat is just 42 km from Pune and blessed with a naturally beautiful ambience. It also is surrounded by picturesque points that are worth visiting.

Mhatoba Lake

It is one of the largest water bodies near Yawat and a great destination as the banks of the lake are often habituated by variety of local as well as migratory birds and the on the banks is a lovely temple of local deity – Mhatoba. The place is just adjoining to Meher Retreat.

Get In Touch:

Meher Opp. Ayurved Rasashala, Karve Road, Pune 411004

Phone: +91 7720887720

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